Tempe, AZ - Tempe Museum of Contemporary Art
During their final year at Arizona State University, BFA Christian Filardo and Chet Lawton and MFA Caroline Battle developed a pop-up gallery and residency space spanning two utility sheds in the artists' backyard. They called this space 'Tempe Museum of Contemporary Art'. After successfully gutting the sheds, they used them to make work, facilitate yoga and creative workshops, provide residency space and host three exhibitions in 2013; after which the tenants and resident (Bucky Miller) disbanded to future homes outside Arizona. In 2012, the group competed for and received Scottsdale Cultural Council's Good n' Plenty Grant, funding much of what occurred at TMoCA.
Grand Total was TMoCA's first exhibition, featuring art by Filardo, Battle and Lawton. An open studio was held simultaneously to shed public light on the makers' space.
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